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2 Oct

Gah! One of my closest friends is actually in Japan right now! I can’t believe it! We’ve dreamed of going there someday since we’re both die-hard anime fans and she did tell me something about her getting a job as an ESL teacher there two months ago! I just can’t believe that she got accepted and she’s already there! I’m so happy for her and at the same time, so jealous ‘coz Japan is our land of dreams!!!

She just arrived last week and will be staying there for six months. She post pictures of her travel there and of course, I drool like fuck because really, Japan is really beautiful and it’s amazing to see those places in a friend’s photo album than in a manga/anime. And the bitch even surprised me today by tagging me on some pics she took when she went to Harajuku! She took some pictures of a GazettE poster, the DIM Scene DVD, RTU CDs and magazines and I was like ‘ohyoufuckingbitch!yousureknowhowtomakemehappyiloveyou!’ She said she got one of the magazines for free and she’ll give it to me when she comes home, which is like six months from now, but that’s fine with me because I know time will fly fast.

*happy sigh*

I’m just really happy for her. She finally achieved one of her biggest dreams. Though she said living there is not easy and she needs to adjust to the new environment and get used to the small earthquakes, she’s thankful that her co-workers and most Japanese people are helpful and friendly to foreigners. Aaahhh! I’m really, really happy and envious of her! I wish I can go there too. 😀

I think this is not really a magazine but a pamphlet or something? She said it contains a couple of other bands too and some tour schedules. I don’t know. Maybe it really is a magazine but whatever, at least she got this one for free. Jealous…