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A good/meh Saturday

10 Sep

I went out with my baby sister today to meet up with some people. First, we met with my former colleague at work whom I haven’t seen for more than a year. Her name’s Demi and she’s one of those few people who knows my yaoi obsession. The reason that we’ve met was because I wanted to buy some necklaces she’s selling in her online store. They’re pretty cool and the pendants we’re effing amazing. Too bad we didn’t talk long because she needed to attend her class.

Anyway, here are some pics of the accessories I bought. Aren’t they pretty? I’m in love with the banjo pendant and I can’t wait to wear it. 😀



Then we had to wait for an hour to meet up with my sister and her lover, who is a lesbian by the way. Yup, my sister’s bisexual and she doesn’t give a fuck if people will think badly of her because she’s living with a woman. I don’t have any problem with it too. I’m also bisexual (or maybe gay) and I am happy for her. Of course, there’s still some awkward moments between me and her partner since I’m shy as fuck and I’m scared of initiating a conversation. I guess she also felt the same way because she barely looked at me even if the three of us were talking.

Anyway, me and my little sis were treated to lunch at Tokyo Cafe, one of my favorite restaurants. It was one expensive ass place but the food was great and I loved the burgers they served there. I ordered Omurice and it was really delicious though it was a bit heavy on the stomach.

Although I didn’t get to spend a longer time with my sister, it was still great. At least I got to be with her and I got to see and ride her new car. It’s a second-hand car though but it’s still as COOL as fuck. I mean, I wouldn’t be able to buy myself one even if I work for a hundred years. *slumps against a wall*