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I need to wait more.

12 Oct

So my TOXIC CD still didn’t arrive today, which really sucked because again, I was expecting that it will. But since PhilPost and the Bureau of Customs had failed me again, I’ve decided to call the EMS Office here in the Philippines. I called three fucking numbers, two of which were not working. Luckily, the last number I tried were still working and a customer service rep from EMS answered. She told me that my frigging parcel is still held in BOC and is currently under inspection. She also said it would be for pick-up and that I should wait to receive a claim voucher tomorrow. If I don’t receive one, I hafta call them again and wait for their next instruction, which most likely would be me going to their office to get a frigging claim voucher from them and then go to the BOC office to claim my package and pay for the necessary fees.

Necessary fees…

My head frigging hurts just thinking how much they’ll be asking me for the tax, storage fee and other shiteous things they’d charge me. I have a feeling it would reach more than a thousand but I hope it won’t. I hope to god it won’t because I don’t have enough money right now and my mom would be so fucking pissed off me once she finds out I spend more than a hundred dollars for it.

I just want to hold my damn CD in my hands, and kiss it and listen to it and look at the photo book and… and…

Day 17 — A group picture

20 Sep

the GazettE in their VORTEX look. I love everyone’s look especially Aoi-san’s pink hair! I want to lick it coz it looks like cotton candy, haha. I’m not loving Uruha’s extensions but he looked manlier.

Day 14 — A picture of the guitarist

17 Sep

Well, the Gazette have two guitarists so I’ll post a picture of Uruha and Aoi. Seriously, these two are amazing! The most talented and most beautiful musicians I have ever seen, which is why I like pairing them up together. Come on, don’t they look good together? *gets bricked* Although I have no problems with them being straight as a stick, I also can’t help but imagine that they’re gay and they’re in love with each other, especially when they do one of those beautiful guitar duets. And have I mentioned that I use them as my fapping material these days? No? Well, now you know. *gets stabbed and brutally murdered*